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At Shrimps Online, we provide fellow shrimp hobbyists with tips on how to care, breed and keep the hobby running. With over 2 years of shrimp breeding and keeping experience, the team hopes to foster stronger ties and relations to fulfil the needs of the individual in the shrimping community and at the same time investing in lasting friendships. We make shrimping fun and easy at Shrimps Online! Have unanswered questions or want to make a purchase of shrimps? Contact us at shrimpsonline@gmail.com today!

Shrimps for SALE

How do i make a purchase?

Easy! Just follow the simple steps provided here:

Step 1: Copy and paste the following to your email and send it to shrimpsonline@gmail.com

Step 2: Kindly wait for our reply. We will try to respond to your given contact number within 1 - 2 working days to let you know if the set you have requested is available. We will also provide you with further details once the sale is confirmed such as the date/ time/ location for collection.
"Hi there Shrimps Online, I would like to purchase the [input type of set here e.g 5 Crystal Red Shrimps Crowns - $120] set. My name is [input name or nick name here] and my contact number is [input handphone number here]. Do let me know if it is still available. Thank you!"

Contact Shrimps Online via mobile @ 92747467.

* As we are based in Singapore, we make sales within Singapore only. Unfortunately, we do not have the means to do overseas transactions/ sales at the moment. Thank you.


5 Crystal Red Shrimps Crowns
(Click image to enlarge it for better viewing.)

5 Crystal Red Shrimps SSS grade
(Click image to enlarge it for better viewing.) 

5 Crystal Red Shrimps (almost SSS) grade
(Click image to enlarge it for better viewing.)    

- Almost SSS grade crystal red shrimps may include hinomaru (but with small hino), cresent.

5 Crystal Red Shrimps SS grade
10 Crystal Red Shrimps SS grade
(Click image to enlarge it for better viewing.)

- SS grade crystal red shrimps may include hinomaru (single/ double), hinomaru (no entry sign), little lips.

5 Crystal Red Shrimps S grade
10 Crystal Red Shrimps S grade
(Click image to enlarge it for better viewing.)

- S grade crystal red shrimps may include half hinos, tiger tooths, v-bands, bands.

* Over 70 shrimp hobbyists have made Shrimps Online their choice for shrimp purchases!
* All sales will be made based on availability of shrimps. E-mail us at shrimpsonline@gmail.com to purchase a set or more today! Just follow the steps provided above. Thank you!
* FREE delivery for shrimp purchases over $250 per purchase. Delivery made within Singapore only and with a proper residential address, not including offshore islands and sentosa.

The Shrimps Online Chestbox Sale!
Here's another reason why you should follow this webpage! The Shrimps Online chestbox sale offers random sets of shrimps and other items for amazingly "out of this world" cheap and affordable prices for all!

What's in the chestbox?... Check us out!

Like unique and fascinating looking shrimps? Check out this Crystal Brown Shrimp? This variant of the Black Diamond Shrimp (BDS) has very disticnt red eyes as well! More pictures of this unique shrimp below.
This brown shrimp with red eyes is going for just $6!

Status: SOLD!

As Christmas draws to a close, the good ol' Shrimps Online chestbox is back! And coming back with a bang are these 3 crystal red shrimps going for just $12!

Status: SOLD!

The Shrimps Online CHRISTMAS Chestbox Sale! - Now over. Thank you for sharing the spirit of Christmas with Shrimps Online!

Christmas is just around the corner and what better way to start this joyous season than with some great offers that you just cannot miss! Starting today (11 december 2010) until Christmas day (25 december 2010) itself, Shrimps Online will randomly pick any day and at any time to put up sets of shrimps with prices that will put a smile even on the grinch's face! So check back soon to see if you can be the lucky one to get some red and white "santa shrimps"! =) MERRY CHRISTMAS! - from the Shrimps Online team

Just one more day to Christmas! We hope you're catching up with your christmas shopping..but do not miss these 10 S grade Black Diamond Shrimps (BDS)! Only $30!

Status: SOLD! 

These 11 crowns going for just $20 each!! or buy 5 pieces for $90 ($18 each!!!) Your christmas just got alot merrier!

Status: SOLD!

One more shot of the 11 crowns for the christmas album! =)

Christmas is all about the reds and whites! Grab these 4 "santa shrimps" for just $8!
Shrimps have excellent red and white colouration.

Status: SOLD!

Someone will have an even whiter christmas this year with this set of 6 golden shrimps. Adopt these 6 goldens for just $20!

Status: SOLD!
Have a merry christmas with your new shrimps =)